Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

Since before the school holidays, we have all been sick. The boy has seen the doctor 4 times, the girl, 2 times, me once and the man once. The kids were sick before the school holidays and they spent the entire one week of holiday hibernating at home, sleeping and eating medicine. They were bored to tears. When it was almost time to go back to school, the boy got a fever again and can't go back to school for another 2 days. He was on MC for 2 days before the school holidays. So he has an extra long holiday but not one that was enjoyable. The girl had fever during the holidays. She had some strange feelings that I am afraid may be hallucinations or auras during the few days when she had fever. Sigh.

The boy had 3 rounds of infections, the girl 2 rounds, me 2 rounds, the man 1 round but it looks like he is heading for 2nd round. I am truly sick of being sick. We can't seem to break this sick chain or cycle.

Besides being sick, we have been busy with other things too. At least we managed to fix our leaking air cons ourselves. However, our car got involved in a collision with another car. Nothing serious but the work involved is tiring. The running around making police reports, "negotiating" with the other driver, the repairs, the insurance claims all of which we are still right in the middle of doing. Sigh.

Oh and the income tax had to choose this time to call us in randomly to submit some documents in their audit. Sigh again. Tired. Tired. Hope that the kids and the rest of us recover completely and I mean completely soon and the rest gets settled so that we can move on with normal routine again.

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  1. Oh dear, wat a way to spend the hols. It's tough to take care of 2 sick kids. And it's even tougher when u're not feeling well urself. *hugz* Hope u guys will break the sick cycle soon n be in the pink of health.
    Btw, I'm curious abt LHDN's audit. How long r u given to submit the docs? And if u dun mind telling, wat r the docs required?

  2. Everything seems to be happening all at once, right? gosh.. I hate the car accidents.. been kena-ed few times.. ding-dong here and there.. and the worst is there is no spare car for me to use that time.. :(
    Speedy recovery and peace be upon you and your family!

  3. slavemom,
    They just sent a letter and ticked off some documents and receipts that they wish to view like EA forms, claims receipts for parents medical fees etc. Given 30 days to submit the documents from the date of LHDN's letter but we received that letter 1 day before the 30 days deadline is up. *rolls eyes*

    Yah, the worse is the no transportation part I guess.

  4. When it rains, it pours! It's terrible that your family has been sick for so long. What a nasty bug y'all caught. Praying for health for your family!

  5. Kiddothings,
    Hey, thanks. I am looking forward to the sunny season again but at the moment it is still raining....

  6. Hi MG,

    Just some tips on breaking the "sickness cycle" that I (we) practice at home when someone gets sick or is recovering.

    Air your house by opening as many windows as you can. Also clean the air-con filters plus "sun" the filters under indirect sunlight regularly, if you use them frequently. In addition, change and wash your bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets/comforters more regularly.

    We have to remember that the bacteria/ virus "crystals" are still there even if one recovers from the sickness. However, esp with flu virus, it mutates so if you do need to "clean" up after the sickness, else they will still be around to re-infect anyone/ everyone - so starts the never ending cycle ;P.

    Just sharing.

  7. Greg,
    Lets see. The kid vomited on the bed so change sheets twice. Check. Two aircons were leaking so we did extensive cleaning including the filters naturally ourselves. Check. Air the house regularly. Yes, I need to do that more regularly because I often keep it closed to keep out pests like mosquitoes etc. Uncheck. :)


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