Monday, September 26, 2011

Should my Newborn Sleep first and my Toddler later?

"Should my Newborn Sleep first and my Toddler later?"

This is a frequent question asked by mothers when they have a second child. Handling just one child during bedtime is a handful. Handling two is a balancing act. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don't.

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I've tried to address this question in my latest ezine article "Bedtime Routine for Newborn and Toddler".

You can check it out or you can to the sleep category on this blog for more articles on baby and toddler sleep including your own sleep routine.

Whatever it is, the baby and toddler years are quick. So if you are struggling with lack of sleep, just tell yourself "this too shall past" and it really does.

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  1. Yes, this too shall past. I'm also adopting almost the same bedtime routine as you and they go to bed at the same time. Ah now I know your name is Mimi Koay. hehe. Hi Mimi.

  2. Carolyn,
    That's just my pen name. ;)


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