Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sometimes I forget how young they are

Sometimes I have high expectations from my kids in their abilities to do things around the house or respond in a certain manner or in their attention spans. Sometimes I forget how young they are. Then there is a jolt or reminder that they are still very little.

Last night my boy told me that he cried at school. When I asked him why, he said that a prefect had asked him to go to the teacher's office to collect some books. My boy is a tall boy so he sits right at the back and often misses out on a lot of the action. He also does not understand Mandarin very well even after almost a whole year at school.

As a result, he did not really understand what the prefect was asking him to do. He also didn't really know where the teacher's room was. So he said he cried while walking around looking for the teacher's room to collect the books because he was worried that he could not manage to do this task he was asked to do. He said he wanted to go to his sister's classroom to ask her but eventually he did not.

Eventually he found the teacher's staff room by which time several kids were walking back with books. The teacher asked him whether he had come for books and gave him a pile to carry back to class which he did but because he was so late, there was no place for the books and he didn't know what to do. He got some help from some classmates who pushed some books aside for him.

This incident reminds me despite his maturity and how much he has grown to me, he is still very young and school is still a big place. When I imagine him walking around on his own with tears in his eyes, I felt so sorry for him. Of course I gave him a big big hug to make it up to him.

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