Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Teacher

My girl has been very busy making Teacher's Day cards for her teachers. She showed me her completed card for her class teacher. It had a very long message indeed! It said... (some meaning may have been lost in my lousy translation as she wrote it in Chinese)

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for your guidance. I am very happy because you are very caring towards me. You always enquire about my health. I love you, teacher. I will always remember you.

I know you will ask yourself. How does she know my full name? Ok. I will tell you.

One day, when you asked me to go to the office to pay school book fees, I saw your name on a board. I told my friend. My mummy's last name is the same as teacher's.

I hope you have a happy life. I love you, teacher.

I just want to tell you, I also wrote the same to my std 1 and std 2 teachers.

Teacher A - Std 1
Teacher B - Std 2
Teacher C - Std 3

I also love them because they used to praise me, but you are too fierce, you never praise us. No lah! Just kidding. However, I remember you did praise me once as I was honest. It was during a minor test. You said we must make no more than 2 mistakes. I made 3 mistakes, you marked 2 mistakenly and I told you to change my marks.

Thank you, teacher.

She stuck all her favourite stickers on the card and drew a flower bouquet within a heart on the front. Inside, she drew a self portrait and a Happy Teacher's Day cake with a message. "Happy Teacher's Day". I will always remember you.

As for mummy, she had a printed card from school for Parent's Day which they did during computer class. She shove it to me and said "Mummy, I no need to write anything lah ok?" She was also required to make a Mother's Day card during art class. The same happened. "Mummy, I simply simply make already can or not? I don't have time but teacher say must make." There was no message on it. She was required to card a heart shape, cut out 20 flowers and paste them all around the heart. In the middle of the card, she wrote simply "Mum". No long "I love you" message for mum. lol.

So you see, teacher's are very important persons in a child's life. Sometimes their words are gold and even more important than a parent's words. I hope that my children continue to get good teachers throughout their schooling years. On my part, I shall try to keep the communication open with the teachers for the good of my children.

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  1. Actually your girl is also a very loving girl! So sweet of her to express like that to her teacher. I'm sure it will touch her teacher's heart.

  2. such a matured girl to write such a message to her teacher! M sure her teacher will keep that card for a long time. :)

  3. Such an affectionate note.. hope the teacher can feel touched after reading this.. your girl is really expressive..


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