Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do women make better caregivers?

I attended a health talk on nutrition for alzeihmer's patients during the weekend together with my sisters. 80% of those who attended the talk were women.

Even in my own family, me and my sisters are the main caregivers for our dad who has dementia. The brothers do their part by taking dad out once in a while but its not the same. We have come to the conclusion that women are better caregivers.

Women care for their children, their spouses and their parents better than men. Of course there are exeptions to this, exceptional men who look after their parents, spouses and children really well. I saw a man at a hospital gently leading his mum to the ladies washroom once. He then asked another lady to help out when they reached the toilet because he couldn't go in the ladies. I was touched by the scene.

There are exceptions but I think its fair to say that most men leave the taking dad or mum to the doctor part to the wife or sister. In fact, most men, would even leave the taking care of food and health part to their wives. They do not take responsibilities for their own health.

As a result, when you compare older men and women, older women are more likely to be able to look after themselves. We compared our parents and parents in laws and found that the single older women fared better. They cooked and looked after themselves single handedly when they are older whereas the single older men are more lost. They tend to rely on the children to look after them more.

What do you think? Do women make better caregivers? Is it that way in your family?

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  1. That could generally be the case. I think we men assume that we're high and mighty, and bow down to our egos. :-P

  2. gallivanter,
    Thats what the speaker told us too. He says there are those that come to him for help but ask their wives to listen and take down what he says instead.

  3. Generally women are better caregivers as that's women's nature to take care of those they love. It's in our blood! However, when more women are now joined the workforce, men started to take up responsibilities to help in household stuff such as taking care of children, cooking etc.. The trend is now moving to sharing responsibilities and men are now cultivate into a future caregivers!

  4. I think that is a good thing rosabel. :)


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