Thursday, August 07, 2008

Flu, Cold or Bronchitis?

My poor little boy has been having fever for a week. He is also having a stuffy nose and a cough with phelgm. Poor thing. His appetite is no good and he has lost some weight. His fever just won't break. We've been to the paed twice and he is on antibiotics now.

We're not sure whether he's got a Cold, the Flu or Bronchitis? Here is an informative article on Bronchitis. Whatever it is thats ailing him, I hope he recovers soon. I feel so sad to see him so moody, with no appetite and losing weight. :(

His sister has got the coughs too. Some nights she would cough till she vomits. Her cough is quite chronic. She would cough till she vomits usually at night. We've seen the paed too and the paed says that if it persists she may need to give her some meds that contains some steroids because she is afraid that it may develop into athsma.

Oh my poor babies. I hope they recover soon.

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  1. I can understand your feelings as both my kids are down too.

    are ur children on antibotics? if really bronchitis, better to nebulise quick. or else may lead into pneumonia.

    take care!

  2. poor kids, hope they will get well soon. My kids too will vomit if they have cough, must be caused by the phlegm.

  3. ling,
    Yes, they're on antibiotics altho the article suggests that bronchitis is usually viral and antibiotics won't help much.

    That and I think their gag reflex is really strong and they have a short passage way from stomach to lungs so everything just comes out back again rather quickly. lol!

  4. Can relate to what u r going thru especially bb cant express themselves when they are nt well. As for me since my 4 kids sent to nursery and daycare, they are having their 2nd time flu attack and cough just in 1 month after recovering from the 1st one 2 weeks ago. Despite boosting them with Scott emulsion..still cant avoid this prblem.

  5. Oh dear, poor babies. Cough and phelgm are really hard to deal with. It's actually good that your kid vomitted coz there's one of the best ways to make the phlegm come out as kids do not know how to force spit the phlegm out. Normally after vomitting the phlegm out, my kids will get better.
    Try to avoid cold drinks and food for now coz these really aggravate the throat and phlegm. Rubbing baby vicks may also help ease the discomfort.

  6. renet,
    Your 4 kids go to nursery and daycare. Oh my gosh. That must take a lot of coordinating etc.

    health freak mommy,
    Oh, I didn't know there is such thing as baby vicks. I have been using the regular vicks.


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