Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why did you choose Chinese School/Kebangsaan School?

Ok. Ok. I'm beggining to sound like a broken record that keeps harping on the same subject but I just cannot make up my mind!

Anyway, I'm not going to write about this anymore. I hope to hear from you instead.

For those of you with kids entering Primary School and you HAVE MADE UP YOUR MIND about which school to send them. (Unlike me). Why did you choose Chinese School/Kebangsaan School?

For those of you whose kids are currently attending Chinese School/Kebangsaan School, Why did you choose Chinese School/Kebangsaan School? Do you have any regrets or are you happy with your choice?

Hope to hear your views. Don't be shy to leave long comments. Me and probably many others too want to hear from you. Thanks.

Since this topic is rather important to me, I am duplicating this post on my other blogs as some who read my other blogs don't read this one vice versa.

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  1. yeah, I registered my boy at Chinese school last March. Actually I also doubt whether my boy can catch up or not, now at kindy he shows a very weak reading and writing Mandarin skill, he just shows no interest, sigh! I do hope he will get interested as he grows bigger.

    We chose the Chinese school because we would like him to learn Chinese which is widely used
    nowadays. The matsaleh also learn Mandarin, so why not us?

  2. martini,
    He'll have another year to go so I think you don't have to worry for now. :) I sent my girl to kindy at age 6. Before that she had 1/2 year Mandarin coaching from a teacher at the kindy since I teach her everything else myself. Now she still doesn't speak well but she writes ok. However my boy who is 4 this year hasn't started learning anything yet. Even when I ask him to practise his alphabets, he'll drag his feet and say "Lazeeee". Haha. Maybe boys are just lazier than girls. Lol. Do you find it that way?

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  4. mumsgather,
    yup, I find that my boy develops slower than my girl. Oh, don't talk about the lazzeeeness, he is number one I think!

  5. martini,
    Haha. However, altho they say that boys are harder to toilet train too. My boy was actually much easier to train. Did it in 10 days and he became dry at night automatically too. My girl was more headache especially the night training part.

  6. Hi,

    My son is only 3 years-old but we have already decided to send him to vernacular type of school in future after weighing the pros and cons. Instead of letting your children to be treated leniently in National school, why dont we just send your children to Chinese school to master their Mandarin? We are Chinese after all, aren't we? Whether or not we are learning Mandarin for this competence world, I believe that being able to speak one's mother tounge reflects our racial and cultural identity.


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