Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stop to smell the .......... babies

I am sure that everyone has heard of the saying "Stop to smell the flowers."

In the same sentiment, I would say "Stop to smell the babies." Babies are the softest, sweetest smelling beings in the world. Their cheeks and little hands and feet are soft to the touch. Much better than silk. They are so sweet smelling, much better than any perfume in the world. So stop to smell the babies.

Many parents are working harder and harder to strive to get a better life for their families in the future but I hope that they remember to stop to smell the babies because before you know it the babies will no longer be babies and you will have missed the moment. I have seen many parents take on jobs that take them away from their babies and little ones in their pursuit for a better life for their little ones. I hope that they have not forgotten to smell the babies and miss the moment.

In striving to give our children better lives, we must not forget to enjoy them for what the are NOW. If we want to have better communication with our teens, we must start communicating and establish a bond with them NOW when they are babies. Don't forget to live for the moment while trying to build a better future.

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