Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Co-Sleeping

My kids are 6 and 4 and we're still co-sleeping. To ensure I still have a good nights sleep, I sleep on the floor so that they won't kick me left, right and center. Its amazing how they both turn around 360 degrees on the bed each night.

I think co-sleeping is something that I will be doing till the kids start asking for their own rooms. Its just the best bonding time for us.

Bedtime is the time where secrets get revealed and little fears get revealed. At no other time, accept bedtime, I will suddenly hear revelations and confessions like .....

"Mummy, the other day I did something naughty in school" (from the 6 year old)

"Mummy, will the teachers laugh at me if I carry a different bag (from the school given one) to school?" (from the 4 year old)

Its the best time for hugs and laughters as we all wind down for the day. After the lights are turned off, sometimes we continue chatting and its amazing, the things I hear from them. I guess, like adults, the kids do their thinking just before sleeping and sometimes they share their thoughts with me. The room would be all dark and quiet and all of a sudden I would hear a little voice talk about his/her fears or confessing to me that they had been naughty. Its the best time to give a pep talk or give a hug of comfort to keep away those fears.

We definitely share some best bonding moments ever during bedtime. Right from the time when they were young and breastfeeding till now that they are old enough to chat and share their thoughts with me. :)

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  1. Its one of my best time with my little girl. I co sleep with her in her own room since she was a baby. She is only 20 months so she cant share her thoughts yet. But its the time of the day when we lie down together side by side and teach her some words which she is willingly to repeat after me. Then we will tickle each other, have some laughter and giggles, say her prayers and doze off. My husband and I agree that she should be sleeping on her own but my husband thinks that its the mummy (not the baby) who is not ready :)

  2. I am also still co-sleeping with my kids...but my hubby does complain sometimes because we take one kid each.

    I also think bedtime is the best time when little secrets are revealed. hehe..

    does Mr MG complain?

  3. mummy-yeoh,
    Haha. Your husband may be right!

    No, Mr MG does not complain. He's happy if the kids are happy and besides...... other err... sporting activities need not be carried out during bedtime and in bed only. Kahkahakahakaha. On a more serious note, he sometimes takes one kid so that they won't chat with each other so much and so we can all have some sleep earlier instead of later. They're easier to manage, separately, as I am sure you know. :)

  4. We used to co-sleep, 3 kids plus mummy and daddy but after we moved to new location and with extra rooms I sort of forced the two elder kids to sleep by themselves. At first reluctant but now it's fine. Only the youngest who's 3+ sleeps with us now. Reason I send the other two to another room was because they tend to become too active when they are together especially the younger one and end up everyone cannot sleep. LOL!

    BTW, I've just read your blog on nite time potty training. I'm having the same problem with my youngest girl. So much laundry and so stinky. I guess I'll just have to return to diapers until she's ready. And I agree with you, potty training boys are so much easier.

  5. hehehehe i always joke about 360 degrees because its back to square 1. how u knew they have turn or not? maybe 180 degrees?

    btw, do u know why they turn? my son is the same and has fallen many times. i m thinking to put a separate mattress for my son to my mattress. i dont think i'll advocate co-sleeping...good ar??

  6. I do agree the bedtime chatting can be quite fun...until they started to go on and on. As you know, Belle is very chatty and when I beh tahan liao, I'll cut her off and say, "Lights off!" *click* and "zZZzz" from me. LOL!

  7. cheeky bear,
    Haha yes. Sometimes we have to separate them to keep them quiet so that everyone can go to sleep.

    little lamb,
    Hey you are right. Its 180 degrees not 360. Haha. I used to have a mattress at the foot of the bed too, to cushion the fall. It was very useful. Sometimes they would fall onto the mattress on the floor and continue sleeping. Haha.

    Oh you say lights off, click and zzz ah. My lights are already off, so I "No more talking!" and zzzzz. Hahaha. :P

  8. You are not alone. My 6 yrs old and 4 yrs old still co sleep with me. The five of us sleep in the same room , with the 2 girls sharing bed with me. I'm not sure if they will be willing to move to their own room once we move in the new house, am doing up their room now painting it to the color they requested. Hopefully they get a sense of belonging to their room.

  9. oh is that what they call it now...ya it's great for bonding...i also do that until baby came. now the 2 girls sleep with popo & kong kong. their relationship is so much better now!


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