Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mothers are good at multitasking

Whenever I go and pick my daughter back from kindergarden, I sometimes see this other mother who is in the car waiting for her kid (I shall call this one the preschooler). In her car with her is a younger child, around 2-3 years old (the toddler) and another even younger one around 6-8 months old (the baby).

Usually the toddler would sit in front with her and the baby would be asleep in the car seat at the back as she waits for her preschooler. Today, as she was waiting for her preschooler, the toddler was asleep at the back seat and she was breastfeeding the baby.

Now thats what I call multitasking and good time management! The baby gets a nutritious feed while the toddler gets a nap and the preschooler will be driven home by her taking over the role of a driver in a very short while.

I almost wanted to walk up to her, give her a thumbs up and say "You go girl!" but of course I couldn't. She was busy breastfeeding and bonding with her baby. :)

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