Thursday, March 06, 2008

Confessions of a tired, lazy mom

I feel tired and lazy today, too lazy to do anything and I mean ANYTHING. So what did I do for lunch? I fixed a breakfast meal for lunch for me and the kids. Yup! Thats what I did. We had breakfast for lunch.

I made an omellette. Three types of toast, one with cheese on it, another with kaya and yet another with butter and sugar sprinkled over it. Then I took out the CNY leftover Mandarin oranges for dessert and topped it all up with 7-up.

"Yeah!" The kids cheered. "Errm..yes..." I swallowed my guilt. "Wow, so many nice things on the table. What a nice surprise lunch after school." my girl added grinning from ear to ear.

Lol! I wonder why they don't say that for those meals that I take hours to prepare, nutritious soups that take hours to simmer and a well rounded meal of meats, vegetables and rice or noodles?

What do you cook when you are too tired or lazy?

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  1. haha, at least you still prepare lunch. I will just tar pau on my way back fetching the kids from school. So easy. :)

  2. Its ok to have breakfast for lunch - a brunch, i guess.
    When I am too lazy I tar pau too! But if i must absolutely cook, then its instant noodles, and the kids will be jumping for joy. When there is a balanced meal on the table, they will frown and say - why must we eat the veges?? No word of thanks.

  3. when lazy...i cook maggi or i boil vege , add salt. hahaha.

    but me alone la. :) single ppl easier to settle

  4. It sounds like a feast to me! PB&J is the easiest way to go and my kids beg for it every day.

  5. elaine,
    Tapau sounds good.

    So far I stay of instant noodles. Somehow instant noodles without the msg packet that comes with it has got no oomph.

    alvin lim,
    Single ppl definitely easier to settle. With kids must think of nutrition a bit more la.

    Whats PB&J?

  6. breakfast for lunch eh... that's nice. I only cook maggi mee when i am lazy.. hehe

  7. Hi ethan,
    Maggi mee is for breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner/supper, the most versatile meal. Haha.

  8. Oops! I meant Ethan's daddy, Daniel. Hehe.

  9. hi there.. i'm a mom of two.. for me the easiest would be macaroni and cheese la.. my daughter loves it.. :) or maybe pasta goreng.. paling2 pun, roti telur.. :D

    how tu make pb&j ya (peanut butter & jelly right?)? use the ones straight from the jar ke?

  10. Hi enina,
    Yes, I take the peanut butter straight from the jar. Hehe. I'm a lazy mommy remember?

  11. When I am reaaaaal lazy, I tar pau or ask hubby to bring us to eat out.
    When I feel a little lazy but still want my kids to eat healthy food, I make them sandwiches - egg, chicken floss, seaweed, kaya, strawberry jam, cheese, peanut butter and they love it... more than a meal of rice with dishes. Actually sandwiches are wholesome food, if we use wholemeal bread, eggs are good source of protein, cheese is good calcium, peanut butter is high in protein and calcium, kaya also has protein.
    So eating sandwiches for lunch or dinner a few times a week is perfectly ok and healthy :)

  12. health freak mommy,
    You just made me feel like running out to buy some bread! Haha.

  13. My second is easy to feed. So good at the table and will want to sit with any family member and feed himself.

    My first is a picky eater. He also finds it painfully boring to sit and eat at the table. So I usually end up feeding him while he is playing with some toys on the floor.

    Their all time favourite is kon-low-mee. M-i-l's secret sauce: Black soy sauce,
    regular soy sauce,
    some opyster sauce and
    char-siew sauce that she gets from the market when buying char-siew.
    Pre-heat pan with some canola oil and cook the sauce.

    Comes up to about a jar (peanut-butter jar) and can be stored in fridge. The can just make kon-low mee anytime with those dry cake noodle.

    If I do it for their lunch, I serve it with fishball or sausage, fried eggs and boiled vege.

    M-i-l do for the whole household and will make her own wan-tan.


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