Monday, March 17, 2008

Being a parent unleashes the child within us

There is a child within all of us, I think, just waiting to get out.

Well, after being a parent, the child within me has been unleashed. Hahaha. Now, I can act silly with my kids and eat the kinds of foods they like to eat together with them. And I get to play with their toys that I never had. Even some of their computer games and online stories etc are rather fascinating. I almost wish I was a child again. Lol!

Now, I'm an expert at making origami boats, balloon animals and folding paper aeroplanes. I enjoy watching cartoons together with the kids. However, I must confess that I do enjoy watching it more with my 3 year old though. He would watch it enraptured, without a word, his eyes glued to the screen soaking in every scene whereas with my 5 year old girl its a question every few minutes. Whoa! Its hard to watch a movie that way you know. You keep missing scenes to answer the questions and the answers always leads to more questioning as though you are being interrogated.

I find that getting down to the kids level, helps me bond with them better and whats more, I get to enjoy being a kid again!

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  1. haha.. that's what happening to me now at home.. acting silly in front of my newborn. dancing... singing... hahaha ;p

  2. hi there.. you sure have lots of fun at home.. how did you learn to do the animal balloon thingy ye? and that origami boats also so cool.. u're a cool mum :) anyway, do you have ym, i'd like to make friends with more SAHM, cos I've just moved back from Bangkok to KL so I don't have much SAHM friends.. take care :)

  3. daniel,
    Hahaha. So fast you start adi ah.

    Hi nina, welcome to my blog. You can check out this post on my other blog on how I make the balloon animal sculptures. And while you're there, you can go blog hopping on my blogroll and find lots and lots of SAHMs and other moms too to make friends with. :)

  4. I think all of us with babies now are just waiting for the time we can go have pizza for dinner and do hopscotch with them.

    If I have a girl, I'll be waiting for the day to play paper dolls with her an also make beads jeweleries. :)

    Check out this post of mine:


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