Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are you a glamour mother?

No, not I. Certainly not I. I thought about this after reading fellow blogger mommy Reese Matthew's Secret Isle blog post about The meaning of being a mother.

Nope, I'm no glamour mother. I remember I lived in my pjs for months when the kids were newborn. My main attire was knee length housecoats with front openings cause it was easier to breastfeed that way. My hair was a disarray most of the time and I was anything... but Glamourous. (Now how do you spell the dang word. I can't even spell it, how to look it?) I looked more like something the cat dragged in most of the time. Lol! Seriously, I did.

Now, that the kids are older (4 & 6) I can allow some glamour to return into my life. However, it does feel a bit ridiculous to toddle around in my high heels and my swirly flirty dress pushing two crying kids in a supermarket trolley. Hahaha. Oh well, I guess I'll leave the glamourous looks to the celebrities. They look glamourous even during pregnancy. I don't know how. I looked like a beached whale during pregnancy. Thats what my girlfriend called me, a beached whale.

How did you look during pregnancy and early motherhood?

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  1. Glam is not existing in my dictionary. :( No more wearing skirt/dress, no high heels, no dangling earrings, and no polished nails.

    I look like a buffalo during pregnancy. Just don't know why other people still can maintain the radiant look during pregnancy.

  2. Not glam never mind - just dont let it go too much, Just be presentable. I used to let my looks go, coz got no time, what!! No time to even trim my hair, I looked a mess. Now, I try to look decent. i dont live in PJs or housecoats, but in tees with bermudas/capris, and flats. Ready to go anywhere with the kids!!

  3. elaine,
    Buffalo is better than beached whale. Hahaha.

    stay-at-home mum,
    I agree with you that one should not let it go too much which is why I've ditched the housecoats. Hahaha.

  4. a&a'smom4:47 PM, March 28, 2008

    I was obese(bf didnt help me lose weight as I was hungry all the time & ate the wrong food), looked like a panda due to bf my 2nd boy for 2.5 yrs who woke up 6 x to nurse every single night). It has been more than 6 yrs now since I have lost 50 lbs. I now feel healthier, younger & more energetic. I luv my new me!

  5. If I had any potential for glamour it would have been in my late teen and early 20s. After that it was what-ever-most-comfortable.

    I studied English and Physical Education in Uni so most of the time I was in sports shoes and whatever goes with that. At best a nice flattering tee and jeans.

    Then more professional when I lectured and tutored and then no more use for those clothes. My last job was a student counselor and everyone dressed like the students, jeans and tees. Occasionally baju kurung.

    That was like a point of no return. Any galmour moment after that would be at weddings and CNY-!st day.

  6. a&a's mom,
    Its great that you have managed to maintain the new you. :)

    Haha. Well, as we get older, the wedding invitations get lesser so there's only CNY 1st day left. Lol!


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