Friday, July 27, 2007

"Mummy, please don't tell daddy..."

I wonder whether all children use this sentence? "Mummy, please don't tell daddy?" or the other way around "Daddy, please don't tell mummy?" I guess they do, depending on who is more fierce. Lol!

Last night my girl said to me "Mummy, please don't tell daddy that I put the dolls shoe in my mouth."

She then proceeded to ask me all sorts of question like what will happen to the shoe if she had to go to the hospital to have it taken out from her throat or her stomach ie whether they will keep it or throw it away. Hahaha. (Children are so innocent and its amazing and amusing to know what goes on in their heads sometimes.)

Anyway, the point of this post is sometimes children do ask these sorts of questions and I wonder what is the best way to handle it. Usually if its something really small and unimportant I would play along and say "Ok, I won't tell daddy" but if its something bigger I would say "No, I have to tell daddy about this because it is wrong to blah blah blah......"

How would you handle it?

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