Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Mummy, I spoke to a stranger."

One night before we slept, my girl suddenly sat up and said tearfully "Mummy, I talked to a stranger."

"When was this?" I ask and she replied "Long time ago at our old house."

I was really curious now because I don't think she had any opportunity to speak to any strangers at our old house since we lived in an apartment and we hardly saw our neighbours. She looked really guilty and tearful now.

Finally the truth came out. "Mummy, I dialed 123 on the phone and talked to a stranger. I asked Is this daddy and then I said No and I put down the phone."

Hahaha. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I had told her not to talk to strangers before and kids really take what we say very seriously! I told her that yes she should not talk to strangers and yes she should not play with the phone but its ok. Its good that she told me and its over 6 months ago now, its in the past so she should not worry about it anymore.

Another night she told me "Mummy, I drew on the floor. There was no space on my paper so I drew on the floor. Then I tried to find the spot to clean it so no one would know but I couldn't find it. Please don't tell daddy." She looked really guilty and worried. I reassured her that it was only an accident so it was ok since she did not do it on purpose and she should not try to hide things from mummy but she should tell mummy that she accidentally drew on the floor, can mummy help to clean it up please?"

Looks like bedtime is confession time. Lol! I hope that she will continue to talk to me like this.

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  1. It's good when your children can confide in you. Another reason that helps you know that you must be doing something right.

  2. So, where so 123 leads to? Operator? :P

  3. lian,
    I do hope that it can continue till when she is older. :)

    103 leads to some operator. I dunno about 123. Hahaha.


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