Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby Security and Comfort Object

Since my boy was weaned, he has found himself a new security and comfort object to soothe himself to sleep. That security object is a pimple on my chin! Ouch! Whenever he is sleepy or tired his hands would automatically reach out to pinch or scratch the pimple on my chin. Pushing his hand away and saying "No, baby, its painful" doesn't seem to help. He'd either say "No, not painful." or start to cry.

Another method where I tell him, "No, baby. Pinch cannot. Hug hug can." then I'd give him a big hug does not seem to help either. I think the message has been drummed to him so that sometimes when I remove his hand, he would say to himself "Pinch Cannot. Hug hug can." but then in the next instant, his hand would reach out for that pimple again. I really don't know what to do about this. If you see a woman walking around with a large zit on her chin, thats probably me. His pinching is leaving me a scar!

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  1. LOL! Gosh..I thought my child is the only one having weird comfort object..looks like your boy has the same comfort object as Belle. She loves to scratch the mole on chin. Sometimes I have to put my finger there just so she will not scratch it while sleeping.

  2. vien,
    Yes, I put my hand there as well! I really don't know how to stop this habit. If you find a way to deal with the mole picking, please share with me! Lol!


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