Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Most dreaded household chore

I don't mind housework but there are some that I find harder to do than others. For example,

  • I like to cook and the process of preparing to cook but I don't like to clean up and wash up
  • I don't mind doing the laundry ie washing, hanging, keeping and folding but could someone spare me the ironing please? (I used to send my clothes for ironing but having moved to a new place with my usual laundrette not conveniently near my house, I had to do the ironing myself. Phew! After spending a long time ironing and sweating it out, I was sad to see that none of my hubby's shirts look quite as nice as they used to when I sent them out for ironing. I took 30 minutes to iron his wool trousers and it looked like it hadn't been ironed at all. They were all crinkly and just awful. I find ironing a wasteful, time consumming task. In fact this post is inspired by my having to do the ironing after what seems like years of luxurious enjoyment not having to do it myself.)
  • I don't mind sweeping and mopping but I wish the toilet had a self-cleaning facility. Just press and button and tadaaa.... Could someone invent that please?

Oops! Household chores call out to me now. When I have some more time off from them, I just might continue this post.

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