Thursday, February 15, 2007

My little nurturer

Girls are natural nurturers. Its just that way. They do not need to be taught.

I have fun watching my girl play the nurturing role. Often when her daddy falls alseep on the sofa, she would put the blanket over him, then cover his face with a pillow to block out the light (because she knows he likes it that way), then she would gently stroke his forehead and hair.

As for baby, sometimes, she would say to him "Come baby, let me tuck you in. Put your hand inside and put your toy outside. Don't lost (lose) it. Ok. Come." and then she proceeds to tuck him in bed. Then she gives him a kiss and say "Sweet Dreams". After that she lies down beside him and says "Baby, I sleep beside you ok?"

Its really touching to watch a little one being so caring and nurturing. I guess thats just in a girl's nature to be natural nurturers. :)

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1 comment:

  1. A loving mummy and a loving family raise a nurturing child. Obviously your girl picks up those loving caring lines from mummy...:)

    You have done a great job, MG. :D


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