Monday, November 27, 2006

Taming mealtime temper tantrums

I've got to tame the mealtime temper tantrums that goes on in my house....... mine that is!

I've got to learn to control that temper of mine each time.......

  • the kids spit out another morsel of food I had painstakingly prepared with full of thought to prevent such a spitout. It makes my blood boil!
  • the kids dawdle and play with the food till it turns cold then turn their noses away from the delicious warm food which has turned cold. I really lose it when they take an hour to finish a meal!
  • I see the mess, oh the mess at mealtimes. It just drives me nuts looking at the mess!

And so each time, I repeat my mistake. I lose my temper. I shout. I get mad and then...... I feed them to avoid all of the above and then ......... the scene is repeated at the next mealtime! Oh, when will I ever learn?

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