Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bonding with daddies

Mothers, do you let your children bond with their dads? Do you allow them private time together without you? I think its a good thing and something we mothers should encourage.

Recently when I had a girl's day out with my sisters, I left the kids alone with their dad. He took them to the zoo. He fed them lunch, bathed them and got them to nap all without me. I think that they, both he and the kids enjoyed this special bonding time.

The next day when I was bathing the kids, baby said to me "Mummy, I want elephant bath!" When I queried them, they told me its a special bath their daddy gave them. Lol! They related to me a few other things which their dad did with them.

I think that special time was very good for the kids and their daddy. It was good bonding time. Otherwise, most of the time they will stick to me and reject their dad, especially at bedtime. The time alone for the kids and their dad was good in the sense that it provided them with the opportunity to bond and it provided me with a few hours of escape from mummy duty!

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