Monday, November 27, 2006

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

Thats my motto and thats my organisational tip for mothers to stay sane.

I find this simple saying "A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place" a very simple one to follow which simplifies my life. I would advocate that all mothers follow this principal in order to reduce clutter in your lives. Kids add clutter. The number of toys, books and tapes they have is tremendous. When they start going to school, there will be more books and other stuff to organise too!

My kids are still rather young so for now, I have boxes for their toys, bookshelves for their books, cd racks for their dvds and other tapes and of course shelves for their cute little outfits. I've also taught them to clean up their own toys using Barney's "Clean Up" song which is very effective.

I have little drawers in the living room and I teach the kids to sort out their toys according to themes. Cars and other vehicles for one drawer, zoo animals for another drawer etc. It works wonders and it teaches them sorting at the same time. (I learned this trick from a kindergarden I visited). The kids are particular about making sure their toys are kept at the right places. If their dad keeps the toys in the wrong drawers they will complain to me. Lol!

I use this method for other things too. Keys in the key cabinet, to do lists in a plastic folder in the in-tray. Theres no out tray. Once things are completed (eg bills paid) they go straight to their respective files.

I find this a good way not only to simplify my life and reduce clutter but it also helps reduce the stress of forgetting to pay bills, misplacing things etc. So organise your life today. Why not try this method? Have a place for everything and everything it its place. It really works.

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