Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Big Picture

As a SAHM, sometimes I'm too close to the "problem". The kids endless whining, the toilet training going badly and oh so sloooooooowly, the sometimes remarks from hubby which I consider "uncalled for" all gets to me. They all add stress to my day. Stress and sleeplessness.

Well, stress and sleeplessness is what I can do without at the moment. Its taken me another health scare starring me in the face to wake up from my foolishness. This foolishness of forgetting the big picture. Forgetting that I have a lovely family whom I love and I get to do what I want, ie be at home to look after them.

In order not to forget the big picture, I must stop to ask myself each time. "Is this worth it?" "Is this trivial matter worth getting so worked up for?" "Is it worth losing it and shouting at the top of my voice?" "Is it worth getting so stressed up?" "Is it worth losing sleep over?" If I stop myself to ask these questions, more often than not, I realise that it is not worth it.

So to other mothers who read this blog, will you join me in this exercise? Next time you find yourself getting worked up over small, everyday, trivial matters, ask yourself. "Is it worth it?" then think about The Big Picture. Good luck to all of us in trying to create a better more harmonious home and by doing so, we too will reap from the benefits of being happier and in my case hopefully healthier me.

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  1. Always look on the bright side of life... :)

  2. pablopabla,
    Yes, I had a second seizure recently and I'm trying to stay positive.


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