Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Support transparency in the blogosphere by having a Disclosure Policy for your blog

This is a sponspored post.

Since deciding to put up this blog on for opportunities to write paying posts, I have decided to put up a disclosure policy. I would not in any way try to trick my readers into thinking that a paid or commercial post I had written is part of my regular postings. Of course even a paid post would be an original post written by me but I would be as transparent as possible and inform my readers that it is a paid post. I would write only posts about things that I have passion about and as closely related to the theme of my blog as possible.

However, I did not know where to start. How does one write a disclosure policy? I was therefore pleased to find among one of the opportunities currently available for reviewing. Without hesitation, I chose it as my first paid assignment or post.

I have generated a disclosure policy for this blog using the generate policy tab at It is in a separate post just before this one and its link can be found on my sidebar. Generating a disclosure policy was easy. Just answer a few questions from a list provided and voila I'm done! No need for me to crack my head for the right words to use. Why not try it too, especially if you have advertisements or write sponsored reviews on your blog.

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