Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Parenting Blog Deleted

My Parenting Blog was deleted for spam and is currently under review. My blog is not spam. It is a Parenting Blog that has been online for 8 years. I wonder what triggered this, maybe my account was compromised in some way.

Before the deletion, I had problems using google on my handphone. It kept on asking me for my password but when I keyed in my password,  it kept on saying it was the wrong password. So I used my desktop to enter the password and I vaguely remember, I had to request for a code to be sent to my handphone twice before I could enter my account.

After that, I found only 1 blog on my dashboard out of my 5 blogs. Yes, I have 5 but 1 of them is dormant at the moment and not made public. Anyway, I managed to quickly restore 2 more blogs. I can't remember how I did it. However, 1 more blog which was marked as deleted could not be restored. I had to fill up a form to request for it to be reviewed and restored.

After 2 days and still no news, I decided to post in Google groups to see if the process could be expedited. I really hope to get my blog back.

It is a diary of my kids activities, the crafts we did, the education issues we face and more. I always use google search to search for an event in our lives when I can't remember it and now its gone in its entirety and I can't access any of my posts. I want my posts back. They are my diary and that is what a blog is after all isn't it? A blog is an online diary. Only, the danger of an online diary compared to a pen and paper one is, the online diary can disappear overnight without warning.

I really hope to get my blog back soon. I feel so sad to see it gone.

Updated: My blog was restored after I posted in the Blogger Forum but after 6 days it was deleted again! I feel like pulling my hair out!

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