Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Not To Get Overwhelmed By Housework

I find that the best way not to get overwhelmed by housework is to break them into little tasks. For example, I can easily get overwhelmed by the number of clothes I have to wash and iron, the dishes I have to do, the mopping, the toilets to clean etc. 

Breaking all of these tasks into smaller more manageable tasks helps me get through the day more easily without feeling overwhelmed. I clean at super express speed too. For example, I will give myself just 10 minutes to clean the toilet and voila its done.

I iron the clothes intermittently a few times a day so it does not seem like a lot to iron. I will eat at super speed and while the kids are still eating, instead of nagging at them, I will iron one or two outfits and chat with them while they are eating. Considering the fact that we eat several meals a day, the ironing gets done before I know it. It is not back breaking to iron just two or three at a time instead of a whole basket or line of clothes.

That's it. My short household tip for the day. The way not to get overwhelmed by housework is to break it up into smaller tasks and do it real fast!

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