Wednesday, December 12, 2012

List Of Household Chores Which I Hate The Most

Since my maid left, I have been busy being a full time housewife. Now, isn't that just fun? Household chores take up a great percentage of my time. I  hate doing housework. To me, they are a great waste of time, time that could be better spent with my children or on my blogs.

Anyway, here is a list of the household chores which I hate the most in the order in which they appear. What are yours?

  1. washing the toilet
  2. washing the dishes
  3. ironing clothes
  4. washing the drain
  5. cleaning the aircons and fans
  6. mopping the floor
  7. wiping the whole house, table tops, shelves, tv, cupboards etc
  8. cleaning the windows and grilles
  9. laundry and there's so much of it, clothes, shoes, kitchen cloths, table cloth, bedsheets....
  10. cooking which is so time consumming

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  1. hire part time maid's like that wan. Cos we're used to having someone to help you handle all these chores. But now, i screen through the list, all also I am okay with and agree cooking is so time consuming and the cleaning after is even more work.

  2. Not planning to get another maid, nor a part timer. I shall do them all, all it takes is some adjustment, organizing and pulling your hair out once in a while. No problem.

  3. I cook in lightning speed in the morning while preparing bentos and breakfast. Maybe I've got used to it? So it's not too time consuming anymore. No choice la, working mom, must always compete against time! I can't remember the last time I really relax.

  4. the chores that i hated most is not in your list. Mine is changing the bedsheets. The latex mattress is so damn heavy...each change makes me missed my part time kakak so much!!

    I love cooking, but must minus the anak bising part. Di mana boleh, biarlah mesin yang buat ok....tausah runsing...tutup sebelah mata.


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