Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Time Extension

I love doing everything online. It really saves time. I remember not long ago, we used to have to queue up at the post office to pay our utility bills during weekends. What a time waster that was! Sometimes it took all of my Saturday morning sitting and waiting in line for my number to be called before I was able to pay my bills.

Now, I can do it online by tapping on my keyboard and clicking on my mouse. How wonderful that is. We can do so many things online now. Buy airline tickets, movie tickets, do banking, go shopping and pay taxes etc. You can even get an e file tax extension online. That is why I love my computer so much and can't live without it.

An e file tax extension is a time saver. However, one must be careful about not spending too much time in front of the computer. In such a case, the time saver becomes a time waster! If you must spend time in front of the pc, it is better to spend it doing productive things instead of spending it playing endless games for hours.

I'm grateful for the my time saver, my computer. However, apart from an e file tax extension, one time extension that I would really like right now is more time for my kids to prepare for their end of the year examinations.

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