Friday, October 07, 2011

10 Things to Feel Good About

Here are 10 things I feel good about today. They are all very simple things in life but then in life it is the little things that add up so it is important to be happy about small things.

1. Today, I had a relaxing breakfast with the kids. There was no rush despite it being a school day.
2. I am on my 5th day in my New Month's Resolution and doing well so far.
3. I feel more energized after doing daily exercises instead of feeling more tired.
4. After exercise, I had a nice shower then I sit and sip a hot drink while sitting on my massage chair pad. We can't afford a massage chair but a massage chair pad feels just as good.
5. I had 3 Amazon sales last night.
6. I saw my son's teacher. I hope that reassures him that mummy and daddy will always stand up for him and be there for him.
7. I am listening to my favorite CD, Secret Garden on the Sony Walkman which I received. I love it. Music moves me and this little thing stores all my CDs in one place. Lovely! I love Secret Garden because it has many nice relaxing songs in it.
8. After doing all this, I still have time to write. I don't know why I love to write so much, I just do. Being above to do something that you love is simply wonderful.
9. Today is Friday!
10. Its only noon and already I've got 10 things to feel good about.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great to know this. Have a good weekend MG :)

  2. We should all count our little blessings everyday - good for you! And happy weekend too!


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