Monday, October 17, 2011

My blog is more than just a diary

My blog is more than just a diary. It is also my personal forum and personal web bookmark as well as my Dear Aunt agony page. When I was in my teens, me and my girl friend talked about becoming psychologists and helping people. We wanted to join the Befrienders then. The Befrienders is a non-profit organisation which offers emotional support to the depressed and suicidal through telephone calls, emails and letters. My sister in law just joined the Befrienders as a volunteer recently. She had to go through quite a lot of training and evaluation before she is allowed to take calls.

Anyway, my friend did eventually become a psychologist and I became a housewife who is a blogger who feels glad if she is able to help anyone out sitting in her chair at home writing her posts and replying to the occassional email asking for help.

Sometimes I use my blog as a personal forum. When I had a bad cough, I wrote a post to ask about home remedies for cough and I was glad to receive many ideas and suggestions. In my Parenting Times blog which really started out as my personal blog but is now more about my kids, I like to bookmark good sites for my kids  that I can easily return to by searching my personalised search box. I find it so much easier to find things this way compared to adding it to my favourites folder which is chockful of rubbish for myself and the kids. I am not really that good at organizing folders at home and that includes cyber folders. I use online social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and Reddit more for submitting my own sites rather than bookmarking other sites so that doesn't work for me either.

So my blog is where I bookmark important links I want to remember. Today, I want to bookmark this link because my kids get sick quite often they have to take the antibiotic Zithromax. This information below is useful to keep and remember.

Drug Information for Parents on Zithromax

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  1. My blog is a bookmark for me too! :) And I wish people will also take it as my diary instead of a forum for them to air negative comments! But well....


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