Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Multiple Hug

The other day I gave the kids some crunchy snacks to eat during our movie night. The ever expressive boy said...

"Wow! Mummy, you are so kind to me. I'm going to give you a double hug!"

Sometimes he substitutes double with other numbers like 10 hugs etc, that is why I call it the multiple hug. :)

Yesterday, we dressed him up smartly to go and sit for his piano test. His hair was also long and unruly so we put some gel and water to tame it. After that my little drama king said....

"Mummy, so handsome. Maybe next time I can wear this to the mall and then suddenly you are not there and then a lot of people are around me and they all clap and say "So Handsome!"

Hmm... I think someone has been watching too many movies. 

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  1. He's so cute...good imagination, he likes to look handsome!

  2. Haha..your little boy can't wait to be a superstar!

  3. Hahah..drama king. so sweet and handsome!

  4. Annie,
    That is an understatement. Daddy put gel is a frequent request when we go jalan jalan.

    He already is, in my eyes. :)

    What he said sounds like straight out of a movie scene. lol.


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