Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Which clothing size?

My girl is growing up very fast. She is only 9 but she reaches up to my shoulder in height now. She is going to be as tall as her daddy, I can see. All her clothing are getting smaller and shorter, shrinking by the day.

Just last week we took her to the store to get some new undergarments. The sales person told us to go upstairs to the ladies department because the largest ones at the children's clothing department was too small for her.

Similarly, I see it going the same way for her leggings, jeans, t-shirts and blouses too. In no time at all, she will be at the in-between sizes. Should we go to the adults section and get the XXXS size or the children's department to buy XXXL size? Fortunately, we can find clothing in almost any size now.

Still, I do miss seeing her in those cute little party frocks and pretty little dresses for little girls. Now, her clothes look like those for a teenagers. She can't wear those cute little dresses anymore. Everytime, I see a little girl in one or whenever I see the sweet little dresses hanging at the store, I do feel a slight twinge of nostalgia.

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  1. totally understand how you feel. I have a tall 9 year old too. Cute clothes are too small, adult clothes are too large. shoes are especially difficult too. :)


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