Monday, June 13, 2011

Starting a small home based business

Being a blogger and a stay at home mom, it is natural that I sometimes dream of starting a small home based business. There is another reason too. My husband and I are both not very young. We are living on one income and our kids are very young. That is good enough reason to think of starting a small home based business but what could I do?

I am not very good at baking nor am I very good at sewing or handicraft. Perhaps I could sell used items. I have a lot of children's books but what to do when the books run out? Hmm.... I haven't much experience in any type of small home based business. I only have experience running conferences and selling shares!

Anyway, it is somewhere at the back of our minds. Perhaps we could get round to it one day. After all it is so easy now to build your own website. You do not need to have any technical knowledge or expertise to start a website for your home based business.

A business website is a must these days. Whatever business you are in, online is the way to go! Fortunately, as I mentioned, it isn't really hard at all to build a small business website. The hard part is coming up with the business idea and having the courage and business acumen to carry it off.

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