Friday, January 14, 2011


Usually during the school holidays, I will draw up a timetable for own our so called "school holiday programme." The kids enjoy this and like to help me plan the timetable.

This year, I have to go a step further and draw up a timetable for daily use. I feel sorry that the kids have to live such a rigid scheduled life. They go to school for half a day on a timetable and then they come home to another timetable?

....but then, it really helps to have one. It helps us get things done. Kids do like routine to a certain extent so it helps them and it helps me remember to stop them (from doing homework) for meals, rest and exercise.

It is easy to include "exercise" into the timetable but implementation is very different. Do you know how much time it is to make sure the kids have a bath, hairwash and dry their hair afterwards? That can be a very time consumming process and time is something we have very little of.

At the end of the day, it is mummy who has to rush around to make sure they have their meals, do their work, get their exercise, have their baths. Even getting the kids to go to bed on time so that they get enough rest is a rush for mummy. No kidding.

Whatever it is, I will try to do my best to make sure it happens because the kids love exercise days. "Is today exercise day?" they would go.

The children do not have time for TV but in the past we used to have Movie Nights. On Fridays daddy usually comes home late so after dinner, we would settle on the sofa with our pillows (the kids insist on bringing pillows from the room) to watch a dvd. Kakak will join us. It is also a chance for her to relax and enjoy a movie.

Movie Nights are out now because the kids have to go to bed early but I told them they can have their dinner in front of the TV on Friday nights instead and they went "Hurray!"

On Sunday mornings, they sometimes get to eat their breakfast in their pyjamas in front of the TV as well. Daddy would push two armchairs and two leg rests and place them in front of the TV "home theatre style" then they put up their little feet and munch and watch at the same time.

We are probably teaching our kids bad habits but I think its ok to relax the rules once in a while. Kids need to have fun. Having a timetable allows me to plan not only for work time but for fun time as well. It helps to put things into perspective and make sure we don't overrun our time.

This scenario can happen too easily "Oh goodness me. Is it this late? We haven't done this and that and this....?" I hope not to have too many of that with a timetable.

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  1. This is called time management perhaps? I never have one with my kids but they themselves put up one when they were having important exams.. :)

  2. Reanaclaire,
    When they're older they can put up their own but when they're younger, they just want to play. :)

  3. Kids love routine, many parents have misunderstood that by scheduling activity for the kids would rip their childhood(very kua Jeong(exaggerated) one!)

    Good job mum and keep the good work up!^-^ Your kids are certainly blessed of having just well oriented parents! Wishing you a splendid weekend!

  4. Alice,
    Actually that was exactly what I was worried about. Thank you for saying that it is kua jeong. Haha.


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