Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mummy's Diary

This year I have 3 diaries. 1 for me, 1 for the girl and 1 for the boy. I started 1 diary for the girl to jot down the things outstanding that she or we need to do for her. For example, if we have to take her for a haircut or fix her bag or buy a school stationary, it all goes in there. As for her part, it is to record the homework, projects and assignment due dates etc. Same for the boy.

The girl being in Std 3 has more entries since she has more projects than the boy. For example in the boy's diary yesterday was........

Need to buy medium sized square exercise book.
Need to give him RM3 to pay teacher next week
Need to fix bag lever
Need to buy book wrappers size 255mm

For the girl's I had entered....

Need to buy dictionary
Need to do drawing project - deadline after Chinese New Year
Need to buy 2 Science exercise book
Roster Duty Day = Wednesday. Need to go in 10 minutes earlier

Soon, I will teach them to do the entries themselves and check the entries themselves for the deadline and strike off those that are done. I consider this as one of life's lessons.... teaching them to become organised and to be responsible for their own work etc.

If I didn't have these diaries, I would go mad! One simply cannot keep all these things in the head and remember them.

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  1. I like to keep diary for my kids too, before I have got to jot down in a blog, I have a hard copy for them... now since I started blogging, feel rather lazy to write on their diary book liao(only once in a blue moon)!>_<

    It's always good to keep track of the kids!

  2. Alice,
    Unfortunately I don't have time to keep a nice little diary for them about what they did etc. My diary is more like a to do list. lol.


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