Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fat Frog

This year I have started a schedule for my kids which includes a time for exercise twice a week. That is really not enough but it will have to do since their schedule is really tight. Mind you, they don't take a lot of extra-curricular activities, only piano. I don't know how other kids who have ballet, swimming, taekwando, not to mention numerous tutition for every subject etc do it. We can hardly manage.

These days it rains quite a bit so we have to do our exercises indoors. The other day, I had to build an obstacle course which included crawling through their pop-up tunnel, running around furniture, balancing with a bean bag and jumping into a hoop to collect their bouncy ball prize and then running back the other way with the ball. That worked up quite a sweat.

Yesterday it rained again, so we could not play badminton in our porch and annoy the neighbours with our flying shuttlecocks.We had to stay indoors but I had to get them to sweat. So I put on my aerobics music and became an aerobics instructor. (My latest job as a mum)

First, we did warm ups and we took turns to become gym instructor. Then we did jumping jacks, then we held hands and ran around in circles, first one way then the other. Then we jogged around the house, marched and did train (held onto each other like a train while we jogged). Then we did kungfu kicks and silly dances and then we did frog jumps. While we were jumping around like a frog, suddenly my girl pointed at me, laughed at said "Fat Frog" . Haha.

Well, hopefully, with this extra "fitness regime" with the kids, Fat Frog will turn into Thin Frog or a beautiful princess. Hahaha. In my dreams.......

Whatever it is, exercise is good for the kids and they love it. They look forward to "exercise" days in our schedule. "Mummy we MUST exercise huh mummy, we MUST huh. You must not forget ok?" They are so afraid that I will skip their exercise.

If anyone else could share more ideas on what physical exercises we could do indoors, I would be most grateful.

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  1. Kudos to you mummy...wish I was a hands on mummy!"sighs"

  2. Great, make it a routine and soon you can collect the fruitful result... physically and emotionally wise!^-^

    Keep it up, have a nice day!

  3. sigh...for me it's so hard to exercise because i'm really not into exercising. just forcing myself on the bike every evening. may your wishes come true :)


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