Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now that the kids are older.....

I had always thought that my busiest time as a mum would be when the kids are babies. I am sure that everyone knows how little sleep a new mother gets. There is so much to do too. Feeding round the clock, bathing baby, getting baby to sleep.... at the right times...., changing diapers, sterilizing bottles etc Later on, there is toilet training, getting baby on solids, making the solid foods yourself.

Now that the kids are older, surely one must be freer. They can eat on their own, bathe on their own, walk and run. Yes, surely there is much more free time available? Perhaps one can even return to full time employment so there is double income. One can do a lot with the extra income...

However, I find that it is not true that now the kids are older, I have more time. It is unchanged, just different in nature. I have as little sleep as before and as little time as before. I have to make sure they get enough sleep, exercise, eat nutritious food (thank goodness I have some help with that), complete their school work, listen to their school problems (which is unbelievably a lot every day), make sure they are not overstressed yet be disciplined enough to do their school work and yet still have time for fun not to mention the importance of sleep and exercise. I think I've said that already but I can't emphasize the importance of that enough.

I have to be available mentally and physically to support them emotionally because they are going through a lot of changes and new experiences as well as to help them learn to organise and manage their own time, work and studies. I am also here to make sure they get a balanced life. All of this is a FULL TIME job. It takes up just as much time and energy as changing diapers and feeding and burping and singing baby to sleep.

Hmm... maybe when they are teens or in secondary school, I will have more time???? I think what's likely to happen is, I will still have little time and be just as busy but then in a very different way again. A mother is always busy.

This morning, before going off to school the little one said to me "Mummy can  you give me a big hug?" followed by "I love you sooo very much." while giving me a big squeeze. I must say that all the time spent on the kids, every second of it is all worthwhile.

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  1. You are such a dedicated mum, your kids are blessed of having you as their mum(seriously)! Being a mother is destined to have lots of sacrifices and you certainly have been through bundles of tough time compared to other mummies out there since I found you are those determine, compassionate and hardworking type of mummy!^-^

    I salute you from the bottom of my heart, nice to know you!:)

  2. Oh yes, we will always be busy. They'll make sure we have plenty to do for them. Hehehe. And then when they leave the nest and we have free time, we'll probably feel a little lost.

  3. Alice,
    *mouth gaping* duno wut to say. I am not sure the kids will agree with you. Most days they grumble and go "bad mummy. bad mummy." hahaha.

    A lot lost....

  4. My two children are not yet in school -- and I wish people would read your article and realize that this time with them when they are young is so precious! And it's a great time to play games with them and enjoy the simple moments of motherhood. No matter how tired you are! You'll be tired later, but your kids will be too old to enjoy things like running around the coffee table and making play-doh. Thanks for the thoughtful post. And glad you got that big hug!


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