Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh where has my little girl gone?

Yesterday I was viewing some home videos and I felt really nostalgic looking at my little girl "reading" a book to her little brother who was just learning how to sit. They both looks so so so cute, if I may say so myself. Every mother thinks their child is so so so cute so I am excused aren't I? The girl sounded so incredibly adorable pretending to read while the boy tumbled when he tried to look at the book and he couldn't get up again. So so cute.

They grow up so fast. Now all of a sudden, almost like all at once, my cute little girl is gone, replaced by an impatient sounding (like me), rude, ill mannered girl and she is not even a teenager yet. Oh gosh, what happened along the way? What did I do wrong? What will happen when she is a teenager if she is like that now.

I am constantly working on trying to improve my relationship with  her. Looking at the video only makes me want to work harder. I want my sweet little girl back.

It was easier to work on this during the school holidays when we are both not so rushed. I can feel the peace and the change. During school days, the workload drives us crazy.

What I want to remember from this post is, WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE SHOUTING OR SCOLDING YOUR KIDS, HUG THEM INSTEAD. I will work on trying to give my girl more hugs and hope that it will make a difference.

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  1. I think i know how the scenerio is.. my own teenaged girl is also like that at stressed me up.. when she is in her moodiness, i let her be.. when she is in her happy spirits, i will take the opportunity to tell her about her "attitude" and how i felt when she was in that kind of "shutting out." She listens better when she is in her happy mood..

  2. Your second paragraph really hit me as this is exactly what I am going through now with my older boy. I also can't help wonder what happened along the way and what did I do wrong?

    I guess we have to consciously remind ourselves to overlook some of their "imperfections" and work on our own "imperfections" more.

  3. reanaclaire,
    I guess we all do.

    If we want things to change, we must first change ourselves and our responses.


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