Monday, September 07, 2009

7 year old wakes up crying

Yesterday, my 7 year old woke up from her nap crying. She says she doesn't know what is happening when she woke up. It took quite a long while for hubby to calm her down. I was cooking at the time so I didn't see what happened.

Hubby checked her beds to see if there was any sign that she had had a seizure and there was none. So we shall just try to stay calm and watch her over the next few days, making sure she gets enough rest and sleep.

When things like that happen, I do feel a little bit anxious and sort of "derailed" from my normal activities. Everyday I pray that she will never ever have another fit or unexplained incident ever again in her life.

Perhaps she was just disorientated upon waking up. I hope that is what it was.

For now, I shall just record it down here and take note of it. At this point we do not want to make any assumptions.

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  1. yes, some kids feel very "moody" when they wake up from their nap, well, I think we adults feel that too, our mind still have not adjust back to our mode, so to say...

  2. reanaclaire,
    I hope its only that and nothing more and I don't want to try to read too much into it. Its too tiring. We still have an outstanding MRI of the brain for the girl which we have decided to hold off until further "evidence". Sigh.

    Little Lamb,
    I asked her but she said No. Maybe she can't remember yah.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I really hope your girl will be free from all this soon. Stay strong yeah.

  4. Kids are sometimes cranky after waking up :) Good that you are monitoring the situation. I pray that your little girl is fine. Take care.

  5. I pray that your girl will be fine and will never ever have another fits attack. Stay calm and strong.

  6. Merryn,
    We don't want to make assumptions or conclusions so hopefully its nothing. Previously the neuro had said that there is a 60% chance that she had fits and may be epileptic but there still is a 40% chance that its not.

    mommy to chumsy,
    I do hope its just crankiness and nothing else.

    Health Freak Mommy,
    Thank you.

  7. Could be a bad dream...Hope that she will never ever have another fit. She's lucky to have tender loving parents...

  8. Could be an anxiety issue. Try a few drops of lavender essential oil on her pillow to help her relax during bedtime. Note that you should never use lavender/tea tree oils for your boy as it could cause enlarged breast tissue prior to puberty.


  9. anony-mouse,
    Its just once off this time so I actually AM hoping that its just an anxiety issue. We have seen two neuros. They think she may have epilepsy like me but its very hard to diagnose and its not clear so I'm just putting things down for a record.


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