Monday, September 14, 2009

Vomitting at Night

Its Thursday night. Hubby is away. I left the lights on because I was afraid. Even though quite often we're too busy to even talk to each other apart from the occassional mumbling, his presence is reassuring.

Its 12.30am. I heard the girl clearing her throat, a slight cough and when I called out to the girl to ask if she felt like vomitting she said she already had. There wasn't much vomit. I took her to the bathroom to see if she had anymore vomit. I noted that she was in the presence of mind to walk to the bathroom and wash up.

I changed her, cleaned up the pillows and blankets. She said her throat felt painful. I took a torchlight to check. It looked slightly red on one side. After that for the next half hour, she blew out volumes of mucus. Lots of it. She had no temperature. She said she felt like vomitting. We went to the bathroom a few times with her bending over the toilet bowl. Nothing came out but she said she can feel vomit in her chest but it wouldn't come out.

I told her to rest in bed and brought a pail to put by her bedside just in case. She said her stomach felt hot. She said she was uncomfortable, she couldn't sleep because she was uncomfortable. I held her. Eventually she fell asleep. It was 2.30am.

I let her skip school the next day because she would probably be sent home anyway, the way she was blowing out mucus from her nose. However, the next day, apart from a flushed face, the mucus had cleared.

Its probably nothing but I will record down anything that is even just a little bit unusual to me so this is just for the record.

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  1. Hope your gal gets better fever is a good thing. Take care.

  2. Oliveoylz,
    Strange tho it may be, I would actually have felt better if she had had fever instead of being back to normal the next day because then it would rule out temporal lobe epilepsy.


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