Thursday, September 17, 2009

32 Winners for the Sweet Family Moments Photo Contest organised by Alliance Bank You:nique Credit Card

On May 27, 2009 I posted details about the Alliance Bank You:nique Credit Card "Sweet Family Moments" photo contest. It’s very exciting to find out that two winners tied for the grand prize.

Altogether 32 lucky winners walked away with exciting prizes. I love collecting mommy and baby photos because this is the very theme of my blog. So I’m going to post a couple of them here to liven up my blog. Here are my favourite mommy and baby pictures…..

A Precious Mummy and Baby Bonding Moment. I wish I had a picture like that.

A smile showing off baby's new teeth. It makes me want to smile too!

Baby in Birthday Suit! He looks so comfy on the bed!

Don't you think they all look fabulous? I think they're lovely. Beautiful family moments captured in that one moment of time.

For contest lovers, do take note that Alliance Bank You:nique Credit Card is organising another contest soon. This time it is a wedding theme. It is called the ‘Perfect Picture Love’ Photo Contest.The Grand prize is a Rm10,000 travel voucher. 2ND prize is RM 3,000 cash reward credited into your You:nique card and 3rd prize is RM 2,000 cash reward credited into You:nique card.

Here's how to participate in 3 easy steps.

  1. Apply for an Alliance Bank You:nique credit card
  2. Log on to to upload your favourite wedding snapshot as your design theme
  3. Fill up your personal details online

That's it! Every approved You:nique credit card application is registered as one entry. You can check out You:nique Picture Card on Facebook for some ideas for your design.

Did you know that the You:nique Credit Card not only allows you to design your own card, you also get to customize your own terms too. This includes Cash rebates up to 2 % for all retail purchases or a Flat finance charge of ONLY 9% p.a. or 2x reward points for ALL local & oversea purchases.

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  1. Hey, how are you?

    I read your comment about having problems pinging on pps. I just want to share an experience with you. I had problems pinging until I changed the title of a certain post. My guess is that pps is now loaded with a software to reject dubious keywords with sexual or negative connotations etc. Just guessing.

  2. Oh! The babies are simply lovely. I wish I can still hear my girl's baby laugh. kakakakaka......

  3. Cute babies, nice to have these printed in the credit cards!

  4. Cute Babies, nice to have these printed in the credit cards


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