Monday, September 15, 2008

Schedule for Milk Teeth to be replaced by permanent teeth

Over the weekend my 6 year old girl lost two more milk teeth. One top front teeth and another lower front teeth. (Her two lower front milk teeth has already been replaced by permanent teeth earlier. The new lower front permanent teeth had come in behind the milk teeth and it took some time before the milk teeth dropped off.)

Now the same thing is happening to the lower front teeth that is beside the new permanent teeth. New permanent teeth has come up behind the milk teeth. Now, one of the milk teeth has dropped off. I am waiting for the other to drop off soon as it is lose now.

As for the top front tooth, it came off not at the root but got sort of broken off so there are still small parts that will eventually drop off. The new permanent teeth has not grown in behind the milk teeth unlike the lower teeth so I suppose those will come in later. The other top front teeth is getting lose now too so I expect it to drop off anytime.

For the record, she's got 6 permanent teeth now. 2 lower molars, 2 fully grown lower front teeth and 2 more growing lower front teeth next to the fully grown permanent ones. She has lost 4 milk teeth in all. 3 lower front teeth and 1 upper front tooth.

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  1. want to check with u know why there are gaps between the teeth? u know la...i want my kid to have nice teeth, straight, aligned...but somehow, with 7 teeth now..they are all with gap....not together :(

  2. little lamb,
    I read that "Children may have temporary gaps as their baby teeth fall out. Most of these spaces close as the permanent teeth reach their final positions."

    But of course the best person to ask is your dentist. :)

    My girl's teeth is worse. They are all uneven because of the way the permanent teeth is growing. The permanent teeth comes in behind the milk teeth before the milk teeth drops off. However the dentist has said that in time, the teeth will be pushed out by the tongue to be in line with the rest.

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  4. wow...already 6 permanent teeth.
    how big is your daughter? I mean size.

    Mine daughter very small size, I think that's why her milk teeth still don't fall...

  5. My son has gaps on his teeth. Why do you think does it happen?! Is there a way to solve it?! I want my son to have good teeth.


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