Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Internet Radio Station for New Parents

The other day I was reading a story to my little girl. The story was about computers and how useful it is to people. As I was reading the story, I was explaining to her about how we use our own computer at home.

We use it to store our photos, we use it as a dictionary or reference, we use it to watch short video clips of news or cartoons, we use to play games. Why, we even use it to tell the time! Lol! We use it to listen to the radio too and of course I must not forget blogs. We use it to blog and read blogs. We use it for networking too judging from the number of social networking sites recently.

Since this blog is for mothers, new and old, I'd like to highlight to you a radio site for New Parents. A Station you can listen to for Baby Information, it is called My Baby Radio.Com Its an Internet radio station for new parents. Imagine that. A Radio Station dedicated to all things baby. How lovely.

It has competitions, blogs, podcasts, online chats etc. You can listen to interviews with celebrity parents, parenting experts and real mums and dads. Fellow bloggers can post comments on the site as well. The Site is updated daily while the radio station is updated on a weekly basis.

Blogger mommies and daddies can submit your sites for inclusion in the Parenting Blogs Directory on the site.

Happy Listening or perhaps Happy Participating would be the more correct word to use. :)

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  1. Children should encourage their parent to blog. Be a modern mom. I wish they blog but they just too narrow minded and didn't wanted to, complaining the computer is hassle.


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