Friday, October 05, 2007

Mother's Guidance is important in learning

I find that mother's guidance is really important in a child's learning. Do take note that I said mother rather than parental. I hate to stereotype but quite often you will see the mother being more involved in the children't studies. Fathers give support and encouragement too but it is usually the mothers who will sit next to the child to guide and teach.

Mother's guidance is really important even from the early years. Take my children for example. My girl is using the Better Chinese site to learn chinese. The site is interactive and fun and it teaches the child chinese through stories, rhymes and songs.

My girl loves the site but she loves it even more with me sitting beside her explaining and guiding her along. Left alone her attention will stray after a while. Its not just online activity. I find that children learn much better when you are sitting beside them guiding, teaching, talking and discussing with them. Its also a great way to spend quality time together with the children.

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