Monday, June 19, 2006

The Joys Of Breastfeeding

I am adding this page to remind myself about the wonderful as well as funny moments I experienced breastfeeding. The early days breastfeeding was so hard that its easy to only think about the negative aspects. I also need a reminder for the moments when I want to pull my hair out and say I need some time for me..........!

So here's 10 reasons why I love to breastfeed.

  1. I love the moment when my babies eyes begin to droop, beautiful lashes sweeping innocent cheeks as they drift off contentedly to sleepyland.
  2. My babies sunny smiles when they look up at me half-way through a feed certainly brightens up my day.
  3. Breastfeeding at night is a breeze as I get to sleep when baby feeds.
  4. My hubby rushes around keeping groceries when we get back from shopping while I get to put my feet up and cuddle baby for a feed!
  5. I can eat, breastfeed baby and read my emails all at the same time!
  6. Coming back from a party, I breastfeed baby in the car, when we get home, he's happy and so am I. It saves so much time.
  7. Halfway through shopping, I breastfeed baby, and then we go on enjoying the sights and sounds at the mall. Its so convenient.
  8. At a family gathering, I breasfeed baby before he frets and everyone wonders why baby is happy and smiling all the time.
  9. I can breastfeed baby and keep my toddler happy at the same time by playing, reading and chatting with her as my hands are free.
  10. My toddler looks so adorable pretending to breastfeed teddy when I breastfeed baby. She smiles at me sweetly from across the room and I know my time spent breastfeeding her is worthwhile.

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  1. 11th reason: Seeing the hubby pretend to breastfeed and the baby actually sucks on his teeny nipple. Everyone gets a good hearty laugh. Laughter = Great "Feel Good" Medicine.

  2. Vien,
    Lol! Yes. The babies always turn away in apparent annoyance when they realise that hubby's has got no milk.


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