Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eating Well During Pregnancy

As mothers we should eat a well balanced meal all the time and especially even more so during pregnancy. We must remember to take our folic acid before getting pregnant to prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. During pregnancy you will probably be prescribed a multivitamin as well.

I remember this time as the only time when my husband served me daily breakfast in bed (a bowl of cereal in milk).

It was difficult for me to prepare meals for us at the time because of my morning sickness and so we relied on home food delivery (We managed to find an expectant mother's food package) to be delivered to our home in the evenings for dinner. It was not ideal because I prefer to do my own cooking (so that I can know for sure what I put in the food) but we had to make do. For lunch, I ate out since I was still working at the time. As for my spouse (the poor dear) he packed his own dinner every day. I did mention in an earlier post that expectant mothers often get special attention and treatment from the expectant fathers during pregnancy.

Here's an article I found useful on Eating During Pregnancy including what food and drinks to avoid during pregnancy.

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