Friday, June 23, 2006

Early Signs And Symptoms of Pregnancy

So how do you tell if you are pregnant? You can read about what signs to look out for in this article : Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy: Things you might notice before you start prenatal care by

For me, personally, it was difficult to tell. For my first baby, I felt bloated, very bloated. I was burping all day long and coincidentally I also fell sick, with fever and a runny nose. I went to the doctor and took some medication. I was appalled later when I discovered that I was pregnant. I got worried sick thinking about what those medication I took must be doing to the baby. (Mothers are worry warts. We start worrying the moment baby is conceived!)

For the second, it was daytime sleepiness. Everyday at noon, I just HAD to sleep. Funnily, I was alright in the evening.

Well, thats my personal experience but I believe its different for every mother. For the same mother its even different for every baby. Afterall every mother and every baby is unique.

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