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What Do Mothers Want On Mother's Day

What Do Mothers Want On Mother's Day
Not sure of what to buy for your mother on Mother's Day? Then read this post to find out what real mothers actually want on Mother's Day. It includes some gift ideas for moms too.

What Do Mothers Want On Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a day to appreciate and shower mother's with love but do you know what Mothers want on Mother's Day? The answer is very simple and I will tell you exactly what Mothers want on Mother's Day in the rest of this lens. Stay tuned.
First, a little bit about myself. I am a Stay At Home Mother of two young children aged 8 and 10. My own mother died of cancer when I was 10. I used to feel sad and lonely whenever Mother's Day came along. I would see my friends talk about what they would get for their Mothers on Mother's Day and I'd feel sad because that was the time when I was most reminded of the fact that I didn't have a mom to love me.
I'm not sad on Mother's Day anymore now that I am a mom myself, but I shall always long for a mother that was gone too soon.
I just want some hugs and kisses.

Types of Mothers

Today, there are many 'types of mothers' but one thing is the same, they are all mothers and they all love their children dearly. In the past we had housewives and mothers who work but now we have fancy acronyms like SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), WAHM (Work At Home Mom), FTWM (Full Time Working Mom etc.
I am a SAHM... but I really would like to be a CCHM (Calm Cool Hip Mom) or a RREM (Really Relaxed Easy-Going Mom). I don't think there are any RREM moms out there. Its also almost impossible to be a CCHM.
Most of the time I am a CSWM (Cannot Stop Worrying Mom) I'm also good at being a GNIM (Grumpy Naggy Impatient Mom). I strive to be a LCGM (Loving Caring Giving Mom). I hope I can be an EFRM (Enthusiastic Fun Resourceful Mom) . However, quite often I find that I am an IRDM (Irritable Rushed Demanding Mom). I am also the AFDM (Absent-minded Forgetful Disorganised Mom) though I would really like to be the SDIM (Smart Dependable Interesting Mom).
Hmmm..... I guess at the end of the day, I am just a MOM. The title is not important. Moms are Moms.

I want the dishes to disappear magically, the laundry done, the house cleaned like magic!

Important Notice For Dads!

Dads, take note of what mums wants on this page especially the parts in quotes as said by real mothers
I want some peace and quiet and some me time.

Why Celebrate Mother's Day?

According to Wikipedia Mother's Day is a celebration honouring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.
Celebrate Motherhood. Yes, I like that description. Motherhood is indeed something to be celebrated about.
So how do we celebrate motherhood? We celebrate by showing mothers love and appreciation. So what do Mothers want on Mother's Day?
A little love and Appreciation. That's it!

I wouldn't mind some flowers and a homemade card.

What Mothers Want On Mother's Day

  1. Love and Appreciation. Tell mom you love her. Just say it "Mom, I love you!" How hard is that. Mom loves to be told by their kids that they love her. It will make her glow all over.
  2. Hugs and Kisses. Mom likes to be close to her children. Go on give mom a hug and a kiss. If you are not in the habit of doing that, go on ahead during Mother's Day. If you do it often, go on and hug mom too. The more the better. It will make mom feel warm and happy.
  3. Talk and Listen to Mom Mom loves to listen to you and she would love it if you listen to her talk. Have a heart to heart talk to mom on Mother's Day. If you are an adult child living away from mom, remember to call mom up for a chat. She misses you so.
  4. Be on Your Best Behaviour Be perfect kids for a day on Mother's Day. Mom likes to know that she has done the best that she can for her kids to turn them into fine persons. So behave on Mother's Day. Be on your best behavior on Mother's Day and if you can keep it up, be on your best behavior everyday. That will be the best gift for mom.
  5. Think about mom Think, really think about mom and what she likes. I am sure you have heard of the phrase "It is the thought that counts." It really is! So think about what mom likes then do it for her. You can buy mom something you know she has always wanted or you can make mom a card or a homemade gift. Mom would love anything you give her.
  6. Rest and Relaxation Mom has taken care of you all year long. She often puts your needs before hers. So on this day, Mother's Day, treat mom like a princess. Make her meals, let mom put her feet up, watch a movie that mom likes together with her. Oh, and don't forget to clean up after the meal!
  7. Laughter and warmth. Mom likes to hear laughter in her house. Sometimes mom likes peace and quiet too but they say laughter is the best medicine. Yes, it certainly is, even for overtired moms.
  8. Time Alone or Time out with Friends Sometimes moms need to recoup, to have her mom batteries recharged by having time alone or time out with friends. See if you can arrange a spa or yoga session for mom or a surprise tea or gathering with mom's best friends or sisters. Mom loves you but she also needs time to be herself.
  9. Do nothing Mom wants a day of rest to do nothing at all but relax in a bubble bath and have her meals delivered to her and the house cleaned like magic! See if you can do something about that!
  10. Attention and Recognition Believe it or not? Mom likes some attention too. So treat her like a princess for a day. Pay full attention to mom and her needs all day long. On Mother's Day, it's all about her!
I want the spouse to be involved in planning something for Mother's Day.
I want some attention and to be treated like a Queen just for a day.

What Is Your Mom's Love Language?

I really like the The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In it he described that we must learn to listen and 'talk' to each other in their love language. He then went on to describe the five common love language that men and women have.
They are
1. Words of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Receiving Gifts
4. Acts of Service
5. Physical Touch
This is a very simple but powerful way to communicate with the people we love including mothers. Gary Chapman has gone on to use this very same principle and applied it to many other individuals, children, teenagers etc and not only for spouses. I think it works for mothers too.
Do you know what is your Mother's Love Language? If it is words of affirmation remember to thank her and tell her how much you appreciate her this Mother's Day.
Mothers whose love language is Quality TIme will surely love it if dad and you planned to spend some time with her on Mother's Day.
If mother's love language is receiving gifts then check out my Top Ten Gifts for Mothers for a suitable gift for your mom.
Do something special for mom like cleaning up the house, making dinner and doing the laundry if your mother's love language is Acts of Service.
Hug mum often, rub her back and give her a foot massage if mom's love language is physical touch.
Do you know your mother's Love Language? Its not hard to find out. Just observe mom from now and see how she reacts to any of the situations I described above and you will know.
I want to have a day out with other moms.

Mother's Day involves the whole family!

My spouse often tells me Mother's Day is for the kids so we'll celebrate it only when the kids are old enough to understand. 

Here's How Fathers Can Help

This is something that Mothers often to with their kids for Father's Day but Father's have yet to learn this skill of getting together with the kids to plan a special day for mom. This secret planning fosters bonding between you and the kids and mom will be extremely happy for the effort you made and your part in planning the Mother's Day celebration.
  1. Secretly plan something with your kids for your spouse
  2. Take them out shopping to buy something for their mother
  3. Get the kids together to make something for mom like a homemade card
  4. Order the kids to keep it secret
  5. Get your wife something special to show how much you appreciate her as a mother to your kids
A spa would be nice.
I have a thing for flowers. I just love flowers!

Something For New Mothers - New Mothers Gift for Mother's Day 

As a mother to two young kids there were days when I just wanted to sit and cry, days when I thought I was doing things all wrong. I love my kids dearly and want to give my all to them and then there's my spouse too, the person without whom the kids would not be here. With all my attention and time spend trying to give love and looking after them sometimes I forget myself.
Fortunately, I remembered to keep my interests through blogging and online writing. I have also entered the exciting world of self publishing. During my over 10 years blogging and as a mother, I have written some poems about the ups and downs in my motherhood journey. I am still a very young mother. Though I may be 50 now, I am only 14 years old as a mother. I still have lots to learn.
If you know any new mothers, you can recommend my new book to them. It's called Mother, Wife, Myself. It is a collection of poems, quips and quotes by me for mothers on the joys of motherhood and how not to lose yourself after becoming a mother and wife. I think it will be a good gift for new mothers this Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

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