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Easter Bunny Craft Kits

Easter Bunny Craft Kits

Easter Bunny Crafts are a must for kids during Easter. It is easier to make them if you can find Bunny Craft Kits that come with everything you need. Here are a few suggestions.

Easter Bunny Craft Kits

This lens is for those looking for Easter Bunny Craft Kits to make and do at home. From Paper, to foam to clothespin, felt, sticker or wooden, you can find many Easter Bunny Craft Kit to satisfy the creativity in you.
These Easter Bunny Craft Kits make crafting so easy. They are fun to do and the end results are amazing. The best thing is you can say "I did it myself". I just love DIY Craft Kits because it includes all the art and craft supplies in just the right amount for my craft whether it's doing a small craft with my child or making craft sets for big groups of children like during a party as a door gift or party giveaway.
The Easter Bunny Crafts featured on this page are suitable for all crafters young and old.

Why not fold an Origami Bunny? - Here is a videos to show you how to fold an Origami Bunny for Easter

Origami Bunnies are easy to fold. Just follow the step by step instructions for folding the bunny. You don't even need a craft kit for this one. If you want to make your bunny look good, just use some Fancy Origami Paper for your folding your Origami Bunny. You will need fancy origami paper. 

I folded some Inflatable Rabbits for Chinese New Year during the Year of the Rabbit - You can make these for Easter too. It's fun and easy to fold.

Inflatable Origami Rabbits
Check out the 3-D Origami Rabbits I folded with my kids for Chinese New Year. You can fold these rabbits for Easter too. It's really easy to fold, even the kids can fold it themselves and they really enjoy the part where they get to blow on the rabbit to inflate them.

The Easter Rabbit - What do Rabbits and Bunnies have to do with Easter?

Find out the history of the Easter Bunny or the Rabbit Origins from Wikipedia.
Check out these great Easter Bunny Crafts for Easter 2016

Easter Bunny Quilting Kit - These Easter Bunny Quilting Kit is great for creating a Bunny Quilt Wall Hanging Decoration for Easter.

These Easter Bunny Quilting kit is fun and easy to make because it does not require any special tools. No sewing or gluing is necessary. The kit comes with pre-cut foam board; assorted fabrics; a pattern and detailed instructions for creating your Easter Bunny wall-hanging.

Bunny Face Painting Kit for Easter - Easter Bunny Face Paint Kit with Stencils

Children will enjoy having these bunnies painted on their faces on Easter.
The Bunny Easter stencil palette includes stencils for egg, bunny and chick and the words "Happy Easter"
It comes with 2ml paint in bright pink, pale blue and lilac and an applicator sponge. All you need to do is add water and have some fun!

Easter Bunny and Carrot Door Hanger Craft Kit

The Bunny and Carrot Door Hanger Craft Kit is just right for a fun craft project during Easter.

3-D Easter Bunny House Kit - Foam is another great material for making crafts. They are easy to handle and the results are lovely.

You can build and decorate a 3-D Bunny House with this all-inclusive kit which makes one bunny house for the Easter Bunny.
It Includes everything you need and full instructions. It will make a fun Easter activity for homes or schools as everyone works together to make this lovely bunny house for Easter.

Bunny Puppet Kit - You can play with this puppet after making this Easter Bunny Puppet Craft.

The Folkmanis Bunny Puppet Kit includes: Plush puppet body You will need a child safe scissors to cut-out and glue the fabric puppet parts,
Non-toxic glue and full instructions are included including some animal facts and puppet show ideas and a ready to color stage scene.

Lego Easter Bunny - Though not strictly a craft, I have included this Lego Easter Bunny because it is fun as an Easter Activity for kids to put together.

Crafting is all about putting things together, so why not put together a Lego Bunny as a craft activity.

Kids Bunny Ear Headband Kits - These Bunny Ear Headband Kits are great for parties and sleepovers.

The Party Pack Foamie Kids Bunny Ear Headband Kits makes 4 Headbands and has 32 add ons.
The Headbands are Bunny Ears are fun and easy to make.

Paper Easter Bunny Puppet Kit - I love Martha Stewart Crafts and usually include at least one Martha Steward Craft in my crafting lenses.

Here's a Martha Stewart Craft Easter Bunny Goody Bag kit for Easter.
It nice for rainy days, easter baskets, or any time you need a fun project for the kids. It makes 8 homemade treat bags.

Paint Your Own Easter Bunny Kit - As a twist on the Easter Egg hunt, you can hide this Paint Your Own Easter Bunny kit for your child to find. Just imagine thei

This is perfect for anyone who loves to paint. Painting on a 3-D object is much more fun than regular painting. This Paint Your Own Easter Bunny Kit comes complete with paints in 3 colors and brush.
You can mix up the colors to create more colors

Easter Bunny Cross-Stitch Kit - Cross Stitch Lovers should love this Easter Bunny Cross-Stitch Kit For Kids And Beginners

It comes with  cross stitch material and simple instructions. No counting or sewing experience required.
Everything you need to create a beautiful Easter Bunny that will make a great kids room decor.

Easter Bunnies Canvas Painting Kit - If you like canvas painting, this Easter Bunnies Canvas Painting Kit is just nice to create a lovely canvas painting just f

This Easter Bunnies and Eggs in Basket Canvas Painting Kit includes canvas, paints, brushes and paint guide to paint a lovely Easter scene on canvas

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