Monday, March 21, 2016

I Hate Housework

I'm currently facing a HAD crisis. HAD stands for Housework Avoidance Disorder, a term I coined up at a whim.

You see, I've tried all sorts of ways to complete my housework but they never ever seem to be completed. That's the problem.

First, I tried to do it all on one day. I spring cleaned the entire house for 4 hours non-stop cleaning bathrooms, floors, counter tops, fans, aircons, blah blah blah. Then I sit back and relax the rest of the week. That proved to be really tiring and kills my enjoyment on one day of each week.

Next, I tried spot cleaning. 10 minutes for each spot. That's all it takes, I told myself. I ended up cleaning all day long on various 10 minute sessions.

Then, I tried to do it one room at a time. So Monday it was bedroom 1, Tuesday the playroom, Wednesday the living room etc. However, the floors in the cleaned room gets dirty easily when you step from the uncleaned one to the cleaned one. Big sigh.

So, I tried the specialization trick. Mondays was reserved for floors, Tuesdays all the bathrooms, Wednesday was for wiping. Boring!

I also tried to clean as you go, cleaning as I move from one part of the house to another and cleaning the bathroom during a shower. That too ended up in cleaning all day long.

I haven't tried house chores apps but no I don't think so. How annoying it would be to get a reminder notification to do more housework. No, thank you.

Epic fail on all the various methods.  Housework is never ending and a work in progress all of the time. What should I do? Oh what should I do? Any suggestions would be most  helpful!

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