Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dos and Don'ts When Cooking With Kids

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The recipe for success or failure when cooking with kids. Check out what to do and what not to do when cooking with children.

What To Do When Cooking With Kids

Recipe for Success. Do........ 
  1. Have all the ingredients ready before hand
  2. Get proper attire and utensils
  3. Get your child's input and participation in choosing the recipe
  4. Inspire and talk about your cooking project
  5. Keep it Simple
  6. Encourage Creativity
  7. Praise your Child's Effort in Trying 
  8. Encourage Teamwork between kids
  9. Remain patient and have your sense of humor intact during cooking. 
  10. Encourage cleanliness. Cleaning up along the way also ensures safety

What Not To Do When Cooking With Kids

Recipe for Failure. Don't..........
  1. Take over impatiently
  2. Yell, shout or sound frustrated over the mess your child has created. Don't spoil your bonding moment. Live with the mess for a while.
  3. Say "No! Don't do it this way" Try to reduce the Nos and Don'ts unless it is for safety reasons
  4. Cook something complicated that will take hours to prepare and cook
  5. Cook when you are not fully prepared or help half heartedly. Choose a time when you are free with no distractions

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